About the Friends of Israel Prayer Team

Welcome to the Friends of Israel Prayer Team, where a community of like-minded individuals come together to stand with Israel through the powerful practice of prayer. Our mission is to foster relationships among Christians who desire to see Israel prosper and come to the knowledge that Yeshua is the Messiah. By joining our prayer team, you’ll be part of a dynamic platform that not only keeps you informed about the latest news coming out of Israel but also connects you with believers who share your passion for serving God’s chosen people. Through online prayer meetings, our members can join our live video sessions to share prayer requests, offer praises, and receive encouragement from prayer leaders. Additionally, our social media prayer groups provide a space for like-minded believers to connect, share, and build closer relationships. As a member, you will also gain exposure to other Friends of Israel programs, expanding your opportunities for ministering to the Jewish people. Join us in deepening your relationship with God, growing in your knowledge of Israel, and engaging with a community that shares your faith and passion for the Jewish people. Together, let’s stand in solidarity with Israel through the transformative power of prayer.